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Nokia X on EMI : Full Phone Specification, Features, Offers & Price

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Height Height. Rim Rim. If you can not find an accredited Nokia store in your location, here are more tips to help you buy genuine phones when you are not sure of the dealer. However, it is not easy to verify the authenticity of a Nokia mobile phone by just looking at it.

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Beside you may not have the time, the tools, or the opportunity to fully verify a phone at the store. So as much as is possible, buy your Nokia devices from a Nokia authorised source.

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Note that just because a Nokia phone passes this test does not guarantee it as an original Nokia phone. This means that if the date format is of any other format especially yyyy-mm-dd, suspect it to be a fake Nokia phone. Here is how to check the firmware date format of your Nokia mobile phone:.

However, that a Nokia phone passes this test does not make it original. It only means it could be an original Nokia, but it is not a guarantee. A Nokia phone that fails this test can be taken as a fake Nokia phone. This method may not be practical while buying a new phone as it requires that you connect to a computer.


It may be more useful when checking if your existing Nokia phone is original. The method will only work if the phone supports USB. Here is the process:.

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Fake Nokia phones often promise lots of features at a ridiculously cheap price. If you notice a Nokia phone promises lots of features at a very cheap price, you suspect such phones as fake. As a rule the more features a mobile phone has, the more expensive it gets. A camera phone that is sold at less than N5, is probably fake or will come with what I will call a toy camera. A good colour screen mobile phone with a modest camera resolution and a working EDGE internet should be north of N10, If the deal is too good to be true it probably is.

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Buy Original Nokia Phones Online. You can sometimes identify fake Nokia phones by inspection. Check for the Nokia 12 months warranty sticker on the package. If the sticker is substandard or not available at all suspect it to be fake.

Original Nokia phones have the warranty sticker. Observe the packaging if it looks sub-standard then the phone is likely to be as good as the packaging. If you see misspellings or tampering, that could be a sign that the phone is a fake. Open the package and see what is inside. Check the manual and make sure it is written in English.

If the manual is written in Chinese, German, or any other language other than English then it is probably a fake mobile phone.

nokia X way locator Nokia X way locator
nokia X way locator Nokia X way locator
nokia X way locator Nokia X way locator
nokia X way locator Nokia X way locator
nokia X way locator Nokia X way locator
nokia X way locator Nokia X way locator

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